Ten Most Popular Continued Learning Classes

People never stop learning, especially at retirement communities in pa. So it’s no surprise that one of the early innovations made by Sherwood Oaks residents was to begin a Continued Learning program. Continued Learning offers a free series of discussions, programs, lectures and demonstrations designed to provide a forum for continued personal learning, growth and development. Classes are offered in the Spring and Fall at this retirement community pa, and are presented in the Sherwood Oaks auditorium.

We’ve developed a list of the ten most popular classes. We only have room for five in this blog. Look for the rest of the list in an upcoming blog about this retirement community pa.

1. Careers – This top-attended program features a resident or guest who leads an informative discussion about their celebrated profession.

2. Current Affairs – University professors and other experts are invited to share timely information covering diverse topics including Understanding Marcellus Shale, Afghanistan, and The Taliban.

3. Historical Subjects – The historian in all of us gets a chance to hear accurately researched presentations covering exciting local, national and world historical perspectives.

4. Music – The more leisurely minded enjoy music in their life and programs such as The Art of Listening to Music and Symphonic Music presentations.

5. Travel – Experience first-hand accounts about unique travel destinations, cultures and artifacts as well as valuable travel insights.