A Message to Adult Children (And the Parents They Love) Part 2

In the last issue this retirement community PA started a discussion on how adult children can help their parents have a safe and happy place to live. Sometimes this can happen at home, but then again, sometimes this is not safe or realistic. Below is Part II in this Sherwood Oaks series.
6. Get familiar with the language of senior living. If you would like to receive a free glossary with definitions of terms and concepts call us at 800 642-2217. Understanding the differences between retirement living, assisted living, personal care and skilled nursing care will make your Internet searches and site visits more productive.
7. Once you have your parents’ permission to work together on a plan, ask them what’s important to them. For example, how do they feel about living in a community that offers transportation, meals, health care or fitness programs? This retirement community PA includes all those amenities. The plan should include a discussion of finances. What resources do they have to support the plan? Do they have long-term care insurance? Offer to do the legwork to sort through the many living options that are available. Ask if they would agree to see the “best of the best” after you have completed your research. If you would like to receive a comparison checklist, again please give us a call 800 642-2217.
8. When you and your parents are discussing a plan, include the option of respite (a short-term stay), so that they can try it before making a commitment.
9. The book, “Mom, Dad…Can we Talk?” by Dick Edwards is a resource that may help to address unhelpful family dynamics.
10. We know that there are some parents who will never agree to a move. No matter how reasonably and respectfully you present options that permit them to maintain independence and control over their lives, they will decide to remain in their home. If this is the case with your parents you want to make their home as safe as possible. Our Occupational Therapists have developed a checklist to help you, titled “Staying at Home Alone, a Checklist for Home Safety.” Call this retirement community PA to receive your free copy today 800 642-2217.