Sherwood Oaks Offers an Unbeatable Move-In Program

Selling your home and moving to a new residence can be an overwhelming process if you’re not prepared. Having the experience of professionals can make all the difference.
“The goal of the program is to help new residents maximize the profit on the sale of their home and experience a smooth transition when settling into their new retirement residence at Sherwood Oaks,” says Katherine Vojtko, Vice President of this retirement community PA. “New residents can take advantage of the program benefits, many of which are free, that cover home selling, moving and organizing, estate sales and interior design services.”
Contact this retirement community PA, Sherwood Oaks, and schedule a visit and tour to find out more about how we can help make your move an easier transition with our move-in program. (800) 642-2217.

10 Ways We Help You Move and Save Money!

Moving to a retirement community pa, Sherwood Oaks can feel overwhelming unless you realize how much help is waiting in the wings. Here are 10 things we provide to help you move to this retirement community pa, and you save money, too.
1. Director of Residential Services assists you in choosing finishes for your home at Sherwood Oaks. Click here to ask her a question.
2. “Preferred Realtor Program” with Howard Hanna and Prudential Preferred Realty helps sell your home quickly and move to this retirement community pa.
3. You receive a 10% rebate on your realtor commission when using our program.
4. We give you a four month “timeline calendar” to give you step-by-step moving guidance. Click here to have one mailed to you.
5. You get five free hours from a professional moving organizer. Click here to learn more
6. You are invited to a “Lunch & Learn” program at this retirement community pa. Sherwood Oaks, on January 24th and 30th where a panel of experts will explain you how prepare your home for a spring sale.
7. Our staff comes the day after your move to remove empty boxes and trash.
8. Our resident Welcome Committee greets you with lunch and dinner invitations. Click here to view our video
9. Free home-delivery of your evening meal on moving day.
10. Moving Organizer, Paul Regan, unpacks, assembles and makes your bed
before he leaves your new home – ahhh.

Research Shows Reasons Why Retirees Don’t Move to a Retirement Community

Recently we discussed that the #1 reason why retirees move to a retirement community is the guarantee of health care.

But, what about those who choose to stay in their homes?  Our research shows that these are the reasons why retirees stay where they are:

1)     Cost – You may think that a retirement community PA has is costly, yet you may also be surprised to learn the value of services that are included in the monthly fee.  Many costs that you now pay separately are paid for in the monthly fee.  For example, utilities, housekeeping, home maintenance, transportation and some meals are included.  Residents at Sherwood Oaks no longer pay real estate or school taxes, and receive a tax benefit because they’ve pre-paid much of their future medical expense.  Most importantly, retirees have the financial security of not having to set aside money for the high cost of extended health care.

2)     “I’m Too Young” – Most residents I’ve spoken with wished they moved sooner, not later.  The younger you are when you move, the more you can benefit from the health care plan and enjoy the lifestyle and activities.

3)     “I Don’t Know Where to Begin my Move” – That’s where we can help.  We’ve assembled a complete package of services to help you move.  From realtors to moving companies to estate sales, we work with a solid, professional team who understands what you are going through.  We even pay the cost of a professional moving organizer to meet with you in your home and get you started.

If you have a personal circumstance that you’d like to discuss with a member of my staff, contact them at   One last thought – putting off a move to next year does not make it any easier.