Make New Friends and Keep the Old

It was probably extremely easy to make friends when you were younger. First, you interacted and bonded with those you went to school with. Then you met coworkers that you found common ground with, and eventually you became buddies of the parents of your children’s’ friends.

But as we age, it can become more difficult to make friends – especially if retirement takes us away from the area we are familiar with. It can feel awkward to introduce ourselves to others, and we may miss the groups of friends that we’ve held dear throughout life.

At Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community, we like to think that we nurture friendships between our residents. New residents are met with a Welcoming Committee, who invite them to join current residents for a meal, in order to help them feel more at home. Several times a year, Sherwood Oaks also has a welcome dinner for new residents, which includes the CEO, members of the management staff, and residents on the resident association board.

Soon after residents move in, they are contacted by our newsletter staff, who will collect information about their life, family, career, hometown, hobbies, etc., to be printed in our newsletter. Often, this gives residents something to bond over, whether it’s where they grew up or if they somehow have a mutual friend or acquaintance.

We provide a wide variety of activities and social events that we encourage our residents to take part in. One advantage of choosing a retirement community is that yes, it is a community! A community that specifically focuses on the needs and wants of residents in your age group.

Old friends are also always invited to come and visit at Sherwood Oaks, and even take part in activities. These people have shaped your past and will continue to shape your future. You can also go off campus with friends easily, as we provide transportation to local shows and shopping malls.

Some tips for making friends at Sherwood Oaks:

  • Invite others over to your patio home for dinner or a game night
  • Accept any invitations that come your way
  • Be active on campus and consider picking up a hobby
  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and show them your personality
  • Try a new activity and ask someone for help with it