10 Apps Retirees Should Download Today!

Whether you choose to embrace it or not, it’s clear that technology is all around us! And while some of it can seem confusing or impossible to learn, some of this technology can help us in more ways than we realize.

Studies show that more and more senior citizens are tapping into technology such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. In fact, there are products out there created JUST FOR senior citizens, like this tablet. And with the rise of these digital machines has also come the rise of the “app.” The American Dialect Society made “app” the 2010 word of the year, defining it as:  “An abbreviated form of application, a software program for a computer or phone operating system.”

Apps can be easily downloaded to your computer, phone, and tablet, and many apps can help make life a lot easier! Here are 10 of our favorite apps for senior citizens.

  1. Find my iPad (Free)– We all get a little bit forgetful sometimes. But misplacing a pen or forgetting your keys on the counter is a much less costly mistake than losing your expensive tablet. iPad owners can rest easier knowing that Find my iPad exists. Find my iPad allows you to track down your missing iPad using a computer or smartphone. And if you lose those items, there are apps for that, too! Available on iOS devices (Apple products.)
  2. Pillboxie ($.99) – It can be hard to remember what time to take your medicines, which medicines to take, and which doses they are.  But Pillboxie can help keep you on track! You can set reminders so that you never forget to take another pill again. Available on iOS devices.
  3. Eyereader ($1.99) – Does it seem like your eyes are getting worse and that the text on the page you’re reading is getting small and smaller? Instead of carrying around a magnifying glass, just download this app that does the same thing! It is available on iPhone and even allows you to read in dark areas using your phone’s LED flashlight.
  4. Lumosity (Free) – We’ve talked about the brain training games provided through Lumosity before, but it’s worth a second mention. Keep your brain sharp while having fun. Sounds like a win-win, right? Available on iOS devices.
  5. Skype (Free) – You may have used Skype on your computer to video chat with friends and family who you don’t always get to see face-to-face. But you can also connect with them over Skype using your tablet or smartphone while you’re on the go – as long as you have Wi-Fi connection. Available on iOS and Android.
  6. Words With Friends ($4.99) – Playing games are fun. Playing games with friends or family adds in just the right amount of friendly competition to take that fun to the next level! Words With Friends is a Scrabble-like word game where you can challenge other users – like your daughter or next-door neighbor. Available on iOS and Android.
  7. Goodreads (Free) – We’ve mentioned Goodreads, too, but for someone who is always looking for the next book they can read, it’s great to have the app, too! Available on iOS and Android.
  8. Facebook (Free) – Facebook is becoming wildly popular with senior citizens for connecting and keeping up with friends and family. The app means that you will never miss a like, comment, or wall post! If you find the regular app too fussy, you can try out the Facebook for Seniors app, if you have an Android device.  Available on iOS and Android.
  9. AARP (Free) – Get the latest news and tips from AARP with their simple app! Available on iOS and Android.
  10. Yesterday USA – Old Time Radio (Free) – Feel like radio shows just aren’t what they used to be? Yesterday USA allows you to listen to radio shows from the 1920’s to the 1950’s, all for no cost!  Available on iOS devices.