Continuing Care

Ask yourself, “How many times do I really want to move?”  Continuing Care offers a solution.  Once you are settled in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) like Sherwood Oaks, you have it all – patio home living for now, and then if your health changes you are guaranteed a seamless transition to extended care and services.

Future Care is Guaranteed

At Sherwood Oaks you’ll live in your patio home residence for as long as you can safely do so. If the future requires a short-term or longer term stay in our personal care facility, memory loss or nursing center, these services are available right here on campus. Residents needing short-term care will return to their patio home residence after their recovery, and others who need long-term care will permanently move their belongings to one of the three care levels on campus.

There are no extra charges when a resident receives extended care (Personal Care, Memory Support, Nursing Care), except for the cost of two meals per day.

In cases of a couple and one of them needs extended care, the healthy spouse stays in their patio home residence while the ill spouse receives the care they need for as long as they need it.

A resident can transition to a different level of care after a Functional Assessment is completed by Sherwood Oaks’ staff. A Functional Assessment is based on an understanding of the resident’s wishes, a discussion with their family, input from their physician and comments from our clinical staff.

Unlimited Days of Extended Care

The most important thing to know about Sherwood Oaks’ Lifecare Advantage is that residents receive unlimited days of extended care (all three levels), with almost no increase in cost over what they were paying in their patio home residence.


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