A History of Our Community

“A community that will be a prototype of excellence.” September 1982

On September 1, 1982, Sherwood Oaks,  a “community for active older people,” opened its doors. The philosophy of the founding men and women guided them to build “a place oriented to preventive medicine, rehabilitation, vigor, and to encouraging residents to take an active charge of their own lives.”

Since this community was started by people who intended to live here, it was natural that the programs and services were designed to meet the interests of residents. There is no social or activities director who designs what residents do. Residents themselves establish committees and participate, or not, as they chose. There are at present nearly 60 resident-led committees. They run the gamut from the resident library, painting classes, bridge and chorus, through swimnastics, croquet, bocce and the wood shop.

Although this community was designed for active living, the founders felt it was important to have on-site health care as a backup to their active lives. After researching various retirement homes in Pittsburgh, they decided that a “continuing care” model was the best. When Sherwood Oaks opened its doors in 1982 they had already built a complete Health Center including a fully licensed Skilled Nursing center and Personal Care living facility.

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Community Connections

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