Top 10 Little Known Facts about this Retirement Community PA, Sherwood Oaks

While we were preparing for our 30th anniversary we came across several interesting facts. Condensed into a “top 10” format, here they are:
1. Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community PA was founded by four women.

2. The 4-acre lake on campus was previously a privately-owned pay fishing lake.

3. When it was built, Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community PA had 260 patio homes. We’ve had as few as 242 patio homes (the number was reduced due to building larger homes from smaller ones), and recently we built an apartment building and new patio homes for a total of 274.

4. The concept of covered walkways without steps came from Kendall at Longwood in Kennet Square, PA.

5. The blue and white hex sign located at the entrance to the Community Center was originally affixed to a barn on the campus.

6. In 1978 Cranberry Township had no zoning regulations for retirement communities, so officials had to write new zoning provisions in order to approve our construction for this retirement community pa.

7. In the early years, quilters met each Wednesday in the Sewing Room. As perhaps a sign of the times, the Sewing Room has been replaced with the Computer Center.

8. A beautiful grandfather clock, located in the Community Center, was donated by an early resident.

9. One year before opening, seven model patio homes were built where the Gatehouse is today. The model homes were subsequently moved onto the campus and have been lived in ever since.

10. In its early years the Cranberry Twp. annual community Halloween parade was held on our campus. Trick-or-treaters would walk up the road to the Community Center entrance where residents would be waiting with treats.

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