When is it Time to Make the Move to a Retirement Community?

So – you’ve retired and you’re pursuing all of the things you said you would when you clocked out of your job for the first time. But how do you know when it’s time to pack up and leave the house you may have spent decades in and move to a retirement community? There are some questions you may need to ask yourself.


Is your home maintenance getting to be too much? 

While big houses are just right for growing families, you may find that your home is a little bit to spacious now that the kids have left the nest. And big houses require a BIG amount of maintenance that can include climbing up steps and using ladders to reach those clogged gutters. This can be not only inconvenient, but dangerous as you get older. At a retirement community like Sherwood Oaks, all of your home maintenance is taken care of, so that you can enjoy activities you love rather than spending your time trying to keep up with your space.


Are you starting to have more health concerns?

Even minor heath issues are cause for concern when you aren’t sure if you can get the help you need in an emergency. Sherwood Oaks residents can see health professionals on campus, which is helpful for both maintaining their everyday health and when emergencies happen.

A perk of retirement communities like Sherwood Oaks is that we have the resources to tend to residents who need all levels of care. Residents start out living independently in one of our patio homes, and if their needs change, we have personal care/assisted living, skilled nursing, and a state of the art memory care building.  If one spouse needs care and the other doesn’t, the healthy spouse can remain in their patio home and the spouse that needs more care can get that in our personal care level or skilled nursing level, on the same campus. Couples can spend their days together, have meals together, and go to activities together.


Are you thinking about downsizing?

If you are simply surrounded by too much house, you might want to consider a smaller townhome at a retirement community. While you may be losing space, you will also be gaining amenities that you probably don’t have as a homeowner, such as a convenient on-campus fitness center and food service. You could gain a whole lot more by giving up a little bit of space.


Are you looking for more of a community in your age range?

Retirement communities are just that – communities. And they include plenty of on-site activities and opportunities to make friends in your age range. And you are free to take control of the activities that you and your friends enjoy most! At Sherwood Oaks, we have no activities director who controls when, where, and what happens on campus. Everything is resident-run!


Is security a concern?

No home can be completely secure, and it’s unfortunately common for you to be targeted by thieves as you age. Retirement communities offer a higher level of security than you may have in your current home, including security to keep a close eye on campus – assuring that you and your home are safe.


Are you feeling isolated?

If you live alone, it can be tough to fill your social needs from day to day. Sherwood Oaks and other retirement communities surround you with new people to learn from, laugh with, and build friendships with!


Is transportation becoming a hassle?

Driving can become a huge concern as you get older, with changes in your eyesight and reaction time. But retirement communities offer transportation options to help you get where you need to go, without you having to put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Many of our residents still drive, but other options include buses that travel to and from campus, taking you to local malls, grocery stores, hospitals, or into the city (Oakland). These buses can also take you to Pittsburgh’s Cultural District for events. If you’re traveling and need to take a trip to the to the airport, or if you need to pick up friends and family from the airport, we can take care of that, too! And doctors appointments no longer need to be a hassle. We can take you to your appointment and even stay with you so that you don’t have to wait at your appointment alone.

If you said yes to any of these questions, give us a call today to find out more about life at Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community.