Employment Opportunities

Sherwood Oaks is one of the best places to work because our work setting is beautiful, the pay and benefits are exceptional, and there is a high level of respect and fondness between employees and residents.

Sherwood Oaks employees work in a beautiful setting. There are 84 acres of woods and green spaces, lakes and wildlife, controlled access for personal security as well as free parking. Generally, employees work in settings that are clean, modern and well-maintained. Employees can walk nature trails and have free use of a Fitness Center during their free time. There are not many work sites in Pennsylvania that are as attractive and peaceful as Sherwood Oaks.

Sherwood Oaks’ pay and benefits are exceptional. This is evidenced by our below industry turnover rates. Exempt and non-exempt employees receive extensive health and retirement benefits.

A final reason why Sherwood Oaks is one of the best places to work is that employees like the residents for whom they work. We believe that this relationship of respect and fondness is vital to employees having a positive work experience, and to residents feeling comfortable and secure.

Applicants for employment should contact Careers at UPMC